Испытательная лаборатория. Услуги в сфере охраны труда и экологии

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  4. Frequency-FM-Nine introduces 2 new four operator synthesizers, and a VST effects processor. Both Synthesizers feature the new Frequency-FM algorithm, and each one of them is capable of producing up to 2048 waveforms. Both synthesizers also have multi-mode oscillators, LFOs, Low Pass Filters, Filter Envelopes, FX processors and a Control LFO.

    A high resolution oscilloscope demonstration.

    Designed from the ground-up, the new LFO section keeps the frequency and  wave form parameters easy to find & edit.

    Six new utilities

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  5. If you’re using Windows 10, Quick Shutdown Menu is no longer available, as Microsoft removed this feature from its operating system.
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    Quick Shutdown Menu in DepthQuick Shutdown Menu is an application designed to make the shutdown process much easier for PC users running Windows 8 on low-configured computers.Related ArticlesHow to Make the Hibernate Function Work in Windows How to remove a nonexistent menu from the system

    User Guide: Quick Shutdown Menu for

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  6. IniTranslator is actually a collection of modular plugins/sources for several popular languages.

    The average language file (and any language file) is monolithic, containing tons of entries that can only be loaded and viewed individually, or mostly so. For example, consider the perl Google calendar plugin (see example), which will parse ini files using the parsing code, which will then parse the entries into the lexer, which can then translate/translate the text into Perl

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    The plugin does not use external maps and is suitable for a wide variety of maps and map types from Google, from online and offline to vector maps.

    MapPrez is an interesting fact engineering tool integrated into Microsoft PowerPoint. See the whole world map from various angles and zoom in-out the area of interest or select a particular place and zoom level.
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  9. Typing for Markdown in a subdirectory is broken in all versions of MkDocs (1.0.2 — 6.0.0). The workaround is to use an absolute path in the `text` attribute to specify the root directory, like so:

    title: «Disqus for Wiki»
    — Markdown with the following syntax:
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  11. In addition, the converter also provides quality encoding of the videos, enabling you to convert them in different formats. In fact, it comes with the choice to export the file back to the same format as the original video.
    Top features
    • Easily remove noise from your videos
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    Finance 2004 is a financial accounting system suitable for small to mid size companies. It is designed to accommodate maximum freedom of choice in the field of accounting. Simple and easy to use interface, flexibility of customization and powerful functionality make Finance 2004 an excellent accounting tool.

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  15. vmDep can be customized at runtime using reflection.

    The VM-Compiler IDE is a tool for Symbolic Compiler Development (SCC), allowing the development of compiler for a virtual machine based on the Java programming language.

    VMpedia is a project to create a web page containing detailed information about Virtual Machines used in the Java language.

    UTest is a tool for testing code in a virtual machine. It allows «quick and dirty» software testing (primitive by

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    Conic tissue (or doughnut tissue) is a special pattern developed for use with color copiers and laser printers, which reproduces the pattern on a page as straight lines of dots, spaced within a particular regular pattern. It is the pattern version of the long established line or dot pattern. It was developed by Adobe Systems. It is a standard feature of the photocopier or laser printer — it is a variation on dot pattern printing.


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    Find A Plumber is a video game for Windows Phone developed by FreeFatFun, LLC and published by Microsoft Studios. The game offers 3 modes: Track A Plumber, Get The Plumber and New Game. In Track A Plumber and Get The Plumber, the player faces the challenge to beat all the levels while tryin…

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  22. Transvaginal 3-dimensional ultrasonographic finding of a double uterus in a postmenarchal woman with menorrhagia.
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    The plugin needs Virtual Studio Technology to work (vstsdk.hxx must be present as a resource in the plugins main page)
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  24. ■ Applied improvements in the SSIMBP.cs interface to the Message Beep Interface
    ■ Fixed a possible security issue in the SpamAssassin installation
    ■ Fixed some memory leak issues in the Get-ClamAV* command
    ■ Removed a possible memory leak in the Postdata class

    One, Postfix is very vulnerable to buffer overflows and DoS attacks, support is discontinued in this version.


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  25. Asus Online Storage: Cloud Backup guarantees the safety and stability of your files and makes them available instantly from any of your computers.

    Part 1: Access the WebStorage service in Windows 10

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  27. Echinococcus granulosus hydatid cysts detected during pregnancy: case report.
    Echinococcus granulosus is a parasitic zoonosis. Hydatid cysts are a well-known complication of the infection. The mother and fetus can be affected by the cysts. We present a case of a 30-year-old pregnant woman with multiple E. granulosus hydatid cysts that were detected during pregnancy. Serial MRI scans were
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    Active Database Manager is a set of powerful tools for Microsoft SQL Server 7.0 and compatible. It contains both command-line and Graphical User Interfaces for local and remote systems.

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  31. Supraventricular arrhythmias in idiopathic dilated cardiomyopathy.
    Supraventricular arrhythmias (SVAs) are observed in the early stage of myocardial dysfunction in dilated cardiomyopathy (DCM). These arrhythmias may be arrhythmogenic inducers in this clinical setting. To evaluate if SVAs are in fact arrhythmogenic inducers. Epicardial mapping was performed in 30 patients with
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