Испытательная лаборатория. Услуги в сфере охраны труда и экологии

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    WinHlp32 also is no longer supported by Microsoft. You can download two distinct setup files from Microsoft directly:
    KB917607 – for 32-bit systems, KB917607-x86-x86.msu
    KB917607 – for 64-bit systems, KB917607-x64-x64.msu
    You can download these files for Vista and 7, but not for 8. You need to download the

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  10. WAF includes a library of classes called for you by default and is shipped with a WPF template for the developer with Visual Studio [default]{.ul}. The goal is to make the application development easier. Furthermore it supports the separation of XAML into partials. A partrial can be used for to group some definitions of the application and namespaces.

    Installation and Setup

    The WAF framework is available as a.

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  11. On April 3, 2003, the Federal Communications Commission released its Report and Order on the North American Numbering Plan (NANP), which contained two significant changes. The first is a plan to divest the regional telephone companies of the responsibility of administering the NANP. The second significant change is a plan to return the NANP to a hierarchical administrating authority, which proposed to restructure the existing NANP to assign geographic numbers to all interexchange carriers. In furtherance

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  12. A «flat» signal can be achieved, using PTH-2A.
    The main advantage of PTH-2A, in comparison to other DSP based equalizers, is the very simple setup. You only need to route your input and output signals. PTH-2A features a GUI and an extensive and easy to use user manual. PTH-2A is the ideal equalizer because it allows the user to stretch the upper frequencies in a gradual and controlled fashion and to

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  13. [Fast Company]Q:

    Iterating over range: thread safety?

    Is this code snippet safe wrt to multi-threading issues? If not, then how to make it thread safe? thanks.
    iterFunc(int i, const int* pEnd, int N)
    for(int k=i+1; k

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    Main features:
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  19. 3.8.1
    — Enhance install API
    — Minor bug fixes

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  21. By installing this gadget, you will be able to add Technoise Radio network to your Vista Sidebar or Desktop to easily listen to Technoise Radio or other alternative stations.


    This gadget requires the following features.

    Have a Sidebar or Desktop to place the gadgets in it.

    Have at least 2G of virtual memory and at least 512 MB of RAM.

    One of the Sidebar or Desktop icons (Logon or Explorer) in such a
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    Audio Editor
    Applications such as DAWs and media players are well known today. While the capabilities of audio editing software are continuously expanding, most of the application was designed for just one thing: to create audio. That is not the case for Bigasoft Audio Editor. You can use it as a secondary audio editor that can enhance your audio samples.
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  23. This plug-in will make all the differences to a song without affecting any delicate performance cues, nor any elements within the mix.
    From a sound processing point of view, Voxengo LF Max Punch provides five bands with unique processing, making it suitable to fuse into instruments. It can also be used to enhance those effects and provide full control of the parameters for each band.
    However, there are no band-specific knobs for adjusting the compression; that being said, you should select which
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  25. If you have a PC with an integrated microphone you might want to consider using AshSofDev Speak to get synchronized with your speaker.

    Angular.js is a framework that allows web developers to create highly interactive, modern user interfaces and web applications using sophisticated client-side routing techniques. It is an attempt to popularize JavaScript by providing a powerful and flexible front end framework and has been used by many skilled developers.
    The syntax of this framework can be used for creating interactive web pages.
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  26. It comes with a download wizard that will guide users through the process of selecting various options, such as resolution and frame rate, as well as the source, platform, and the required output file location. There is even a special debugging option for testing faulty downloads.
    As mentioned earlier, this tool is basic and only offers what is essentially needed. However, because of this, it makes a simple and quick yet efficient media file downloader.

    Windows utilities

    Improves multimedia files
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    Spikes 5.0.5

    Dual Watch 8.2

    Little details: 6.0.1

    Color Thief: 6.1.1

    Scalpel 2.0 Beta 3


    Version 1.0.6  (17 Mar, 2004)


    — Wrong Shadow type on settings pages (added only some presets).

    — «Filter >
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    The range of the module can be further expanded by additional modules, such as DT
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  29. CAPTUREKEEPER has been labeled an enterprise password policy management (EPM) tool. It starts by collecting data from Active Directory, which then organizes policy information via a Web UI.
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  31. Conditional statement;

    if condition is true {
    do some operation }
    if another condition is true {
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    «Count(x,y,z) >= 5 and Count(w,x,y) s» (example from the confusion matrix output).
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  33. H2BLIB is an open-source high-performance database access library compatible with both MySQL and PostgreSQL databases. It supports native DBMS access, drivers for MSSQL and other DSN/DBLIB drivers (MySQL, PostgreSQL, Oracle, MS Access, MS Excel, DB2, PostGIS), as well as ODBC, OLEDB and ADO.NET, Apachehttpd, PHP, XAMPP, Xojo, Oracle Application Express
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    Supports color, icon, name, and size
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  35. You can start with the default and simple config files in the project. After applying the changes you can repeat the process.
    It is a simple to use cross platform (linux/osx/win) application. Have a look at the user interface.

    This is an Apache POI library. It can be used for many things such as creating and reading Office Excel files. I have not documented the working examples. If you need a quick start, follow this link.
    The documentation includes
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  36. Features Include:
    · The ability to create segmented hot-spots in HTML Help files, WinHelp files, and CHM files
    · The ability to create hotspots for your CHM files on the fly
    · The ability to create hot-spot styles that include color palettes and frames
    · The ability to easily copy hotspots from one project to another
    · The ability to change frame borders to round corners (back to old fashion rounded corners, with the ability to
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    Download FontExplorerL.M. 5.0

    FontExplorerL.M. is a powerful and toolkit-free font manager and previewer for PC. It displays many details about fonts. The software enables you to preview or convert favorite sample texts in high resolution, switch them between various layers. Additionally,
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  39. The application enables you to forget MS Office suite completely and minimize its downsides, since it works just like the Internet Explorer or WordPad.
    The Quantum Focus Clock app focuses on keeping your eyes in their best shape. It features multiple design, shading and video types to match the desired skin tone and visual comfort. The app is operated by a point-and-click interface and comes with many handy options. The mobile app can be resized to your preference and downloaded to Windows, as well
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  40. User Rating: 1 2 3 4 5

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  41. MPEG-4 is supported for both Axis cameras and other network camera brands such as D-Link, Sanyo, etc.
    Additionally, the Axis Codec plugin allows users to capture local camera and microphone streams with a few clicks, which can then be used in the Axis Cam plugin. This plugin supports multiple recording formats including MPEG-4, H.264, JPEG, and AVI and supports many camera models, from Axis network cameras to Logitech webcams to Cisco and Alcatel.
    All Video Plugins

    Video FX plugin allows users to simulate a wide variety of different video effects and filters.

    Video I
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  42. Following is an example how to use miditran:

    Reading midi notes

    reading the midi file from a in argument for further processing
    looking for all the notes
    for each note update volume and midi channel

    Here is a midi file with sample notes where I want to :

    change the note pitch and volume
    change the main volume value

    muting all channels for more clarity and more viewable space in midi file

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  43. There may be legal issues to possess results — never use this data for any kind of illegal purposes.

    This tool is licensed as freeware for non-commercial use.  Commercial use requires purchase of a commercial license.


    ## 1.0.0 — 2019-08-22

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  44. This web-based application has a clean and easy-to-understand layout, and enables creation of tools for working with data without the need to download any files or plugins.
    DB2 Maestro supports all operations with SQL scripts.
    The DB2 Maestro desktop application comes with a lot of example databases and SQL scripts that can be used to get started with DB2 Maestro.
    A demo version of DB2 Maestro is included in the download package.

    Key Features:
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  45. The output is generated using Python-based bindings to the Python Design Principles or to the low level API created as part of the SALib project.

    Pymatgen is a chemical simulation library written primarily for high-throughput exploratory and synthetic chemistry. It is developed to include the most computationally-performant available algorithms for both self-consistent (density functional theory-based) calculation and quantum mechanically-based calculation for both total energy and gradients.

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  46. GTox is a graphical GTK based TCP tunnel application. It works in local area networks or internet connectivity. GTox can be run by typing «gtox» in the command line interface. But you can also add the tunnel to System Preferences.
    The application includes some basic modules that require a minimal knowledge of shell scripting and Web configuration languages, such as mod_httpd, FastCGI, URIs, and CGI.
    Tunnelling all connections through the program enables you to
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