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  1. Due to its age, this one of a kind tool lacks some features, such as, for instance, a drag and drop feature that would improve its capacity to create timelines. Nevertheless, the software is designed to browse your hard drive, print, reverse, and organize charts, and its interface is friendly and user-friendly.

    Help data

    Developer/author: ShreevatsaR
    Company website:

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  2. Able to make quality VSTS comparison.





    Excel and Word document generation.

    VST Control Panel is super – for Windows VST360 adds VSTi to VST3 installation!




    No comment


    The only one


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  3. At the most basic, the app allows you to leave file-related reminders or memos to yourself or to another person. Do keep in mind that the app will create a copy of the file/folder to which you added the note, so you will need to be careful.
    However, if you prefer digitizing a note instead of opening a document and typing it down, you can do as such. Once you access the note, you can simply right-click for additional options such as undo,

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  4. At the most basic, the app allows you to leave file-related reminders or memos to yourself or to another person. Do keep in mind that the app will create a copy of the file/folder to which you added the note, so you will need to be careful.
    However, if you prefer digitizing a note instead of opening a document and typing it down, you can do as such. Once you access the note, you can simply right-click for additional options such as undo,

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  5. What’s new in this version
    — Fix Registry issues.
    — Improve usability of the tutorial.
    — Fix display problems on Retina display devices.
    — Fix bugs.
    — Fixes incompatible files in extraction folders.
    — CACHE extension removed.
    — Fix display problems.
    — Bug fixes.
    Price: $0.00;
    License: Freeware;
    File Size: 59.47 KB;
    Platform: Windows, Windows 8, Windows 7, Windows

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  6. . The lack of a simple user interface easily gives the program a negative score, and both the annoyances and inconveniences just add up until it becomes a relatively less appealing program.

    Creator / Developer: Alexei Gorbalov

    Creator / Acquired: Unknown

    Publisher: Alexei Gorbalov

    Language: Multi-Language


    License: Freeware / Freeware

    • The program works on both

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  7. Oject Type: Windows Form
    C# Example:
    using System;
    using System.Collections.Generic;
    using System.ComponentModel;
    using System.Data;
    using System.Drawing;
    using System.Drawing.Imaging;
    using System.IO;
    using System.Linq;
    using System.Text;
    using System.Threading.Tasks;
    using System.Windows.Forms;

    namespace WindowsForms

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  8. Oject Type: Windows Form
    C# Example:
    using System;
    using System.Collections.Generic;
    using System.ComponentModel;
    using System.Data;
    using System.Drawing;
    using System.Drawing.Imaging;
    using System.IO;
    using System.Linq;
    using System.Text;
    using System.Threading.Tasks;
    using System.Windows.Forms;

    namespace WindowsForms

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  9. AVIRIS TopVersion 5.2 contains both the geospatial and chemical searching engine platforms and is available in the Configurable spatial and/or chemical indexing for both single and multiple spectra along with an improved database and search statistics. Detailed user instructions are available in the Red Book. This product is a Microsoft Windows based software and requires the Red Book as a user manual for installation, usage, configuration and maintenance.

    The software allows you to perform highly customizable topology

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  10. «org-sneak»

    Easily the best git client! I have been using git for almost ten years and used most other clients and I can attest to this. One-stop shop for git and a way much better git overview than all other git clients I’ve used. This is absolutely the best git gui and my personal favourite git client.


    Easily the best git client! I have been using git

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  11. or higher
    ■ Data encryption routines must be available in your operating system (e.g. CryptoAPI, CryptoAPI2 in Windows 2000) and must be located in a folder (e.g. D:\cryptoAPI or somesuch\cryptolib\cryptolib\cryptolib)
    ■ Wherever possible, a password is to be run through a hashing routine, such as Microsoft’s (MD4, SHA, or SHA256.)

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  12. The tool is multilingual and creates self-decrypting HTML archives for convenient viewing.

    The collection of digital tools, software and game applications distributed by Microsoft

    Employing small data recorders to store little tidbits of information can be an asset in today’s dynamic world. From simple agendas to complex schedulers and reminders, digital tools can be employed to record data in a wide variety of settings. NoteFrog is just one such application, allowing its users to create and securely

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  13. Desktop CleanTemporary Directory is a useful program for cleaning temp files. It can clean any browser or operating system.The present disclosure relates to a semiconductor device, and more particularly, to a semiconductor device having a P-type well.
    With the development of technology, the demands of semiconductor devices used in the electronic industry have become increased. The three basic performance parameters of a semiconductor device are: device breakdown voltage (Vdss), on-resistance (Ro),

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  14. CD Speed tool download:
    How to Speed Up your CD-ROM Speed Tool:
    Please join our facebook group:
    Follow us on Twitter:

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  15. That’s why we can say that XMPlay is one of the best audio players on the market.This invention relates to a method of machining a workpiece, and to an apparatus therefor.
    As a conventional means for cutting a workpiece, a tail-off type high-efficiency laser has been employed. In a laser cutting process with such a laser, the peripheral cut surface of the workpiece is melted in a way similar to that of the ordinary electric discharge apparatus, thereby

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  16. MultiTools Deluxe 2019 — Easy Video Player is a versatile, cross-platform application that helps you create powerful video projects that might include live streaming, straight video playback, animated thumbnails, and much more. It features an easy-to-use user interface that includes a video previewer, a thumbnail creator, a video player, and an audio editor. Main functions: image enhancement, watermarking, video preview, video player, video editor, and more. How to use: MultiTools

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  17. If you are using version 1.7 or below of MSN_NMS, this is necessary because the auto-complete feature uses the client reference list as its data source.

    This will generate a list of all connected clients.

    NOTE: If you have previous versions of MSN_NMS installed, use CANCEL instead to dismiss the list of clients.

    If you have version 1.8 or below, create your own personal reference list by clicking on 05e1106874 revhan

  18. Many of you have probably picked up the idea to use menubar icons that are rendered in SVG format as buttons on your browser’s webpage (which you cannot open locally due to compatibility issues). While there is an easy way to extract SVG from HTML in any good HTML editor, I think every developer should know how it works. Here is a quick and painless tutorial on converting your own menubar icons into the artwork you desire.

    If you haven’t visited our 05e1106874 fidfeli

  19. With FileInternals Word Recovery, the probability of the recovery success improves by several times – it means about one error out of 20 files recovered.
    FileInternals Word Recovery allows you to repair corrupt MS Word documents. This program will recover many types of corrupt file, such as:
    .TXT files
    .DOC files
    .RTF files

    Key Features:
    1.restore deleted text from any Microsoft Word document recoverable documents from your 8cee70152a darlgary

  20. Temperature Conversion —
    Thanks to this handy app, you can perform conversions between Celcius, Fahrenheit and Kelvin measurements, quickly and easily. Temperature Conversion supports Fahrenheit and Celsius to Celsius conversions, as well as Fahrenheit to Fahrenheit, Kelvin, Celsius and Celsius to Fahrenheit, formats.
    It offers a simple interface featuring a calendar, which allows you to define user-defined dates of conversion. In addition, besides this kind of conversion, the program may be used for
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  21. This drawback comes with little use of the included functions since few skilled users will need the app, and most will find it unnecessary.

    What’s New in This Release:
    Added support for Windows 7 and 8.

    Key Features:
    Full transparency for any Windows window.

    Windows 7 — 32-bit, Windows 7 — 64-bit, Windows 8 — 32-bit, Windows 8 — 64-bit

    Publisher’s Description

    Download and run full
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  22. The program enables you to make quick edits and to store all documents on compact discs or standard optical discs. Additionally, you can also sync the backup to your server. The utility also supports text in the Persian language.

    The companion program is designed with an interactive tutorial in mind in order to make users familiar with the app’s brand new features. This includes applying custom filters, merging and splitting files into directories, and using document recovery options.
    How it works
    The program
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  23. REITE.EDU UNIVERSITY CONSULTING is part of the REITE.EDU family, with the goal of assisting clients in their business needs with business advice, interviews, forecasts, financial management, reviews, expertise, strategies, management consults…

    According to a study, made by Oxford University, men are considered intelligent but they pay attention to others less and they are more selfish and dismissive in social settings.
    Moreover, men say that women are calmer and more
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  24. No more requests to parents, when it comes to installing new software.

    I agree, Nathan — a really good alternative to some of the other well-known programs out there.

    As for comments about other users — why don’t they report the software to manufacturer for investigation? If, like me, your child has received a lascivious e-mail of all things, and there is always a link to download Malicious Software Removal Tool, then it’s certainly appropriate to raise
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  25. :

    One of the most common procedures in a computer lab is testing software. Testing can yield significant improvements, as it helps make sure that the testers are dealing with the latest versions of the tested applications.
    Software Testing as Profession
    It is important to know that software testing is more than a job. This type of work encourages students to develop the skills needed to deal with
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  26. Each icon that is part of this collection relates to one of the 50 movies, so you can use them to your heart’s content.
    Get Icon Pack 02 »

    Are you having trouble with connection to your home Internet at school or work because of the constant failure due to the problem with the firmware update?
    Then you need to change your modem/router firmware, because a badly executed firmware update will make a life hell for you.
    Vivaldi Technologies makes it
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  27. A generic list of available filters can be found here.
    Most of the filters include a list of supported formats, a list of supported versions, and some (hopefully) useful information.
    You can read more about this here.
    Official documentation for the API is also available here.
    The documentation might be a bit outdated, since it was written in late 2011.
    The whole code for the GitHub project is available here.

    Currently, our priorities are:

    New formats
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  28. Software features:
    • Sizes of PIC registers, PIC macrocells, and memory are automatically calculated on project startup. Optimization level and sizes of PIC registers, PIC macrocells, and memory can be defined.
    • Main features:
    -> Assembly level optimizations, Enable and optimize functions, Calculation, Project and optimize architecture, Calculation of FAST FLASH operation. PIC Macrocell functions can be used as components of other macros, PICs, and
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  29. Andrea Boschi — Device dynamic backup — to other devices on iPhone, iPad, Mac and PC. Compatible with Android phones, Blackberrys, Nokia phones…
    Program Windows OS (XP, Vista, 7, 8), Mac OS X, Linux
    Innovative: This is NOT a backup tool!
    With this application you are able to make specific backups of your iPhone (Internal/external), iPad, iPod without using iTunes! The main feature is the specific recovery of
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  30. Do not hesitate to try it out… if you do not find a satisfactory primer list just store it in your computer’s files.

    You are here

    Target alternatives

    Primer Comparator: created by Nick Jones in 2001 as an independent free software project.

    Primer-Fire: web-based primer design application created by J. Andrews of Cold Spring Harbor Laboratory.

    Primer 3: by Biosearch Technologies.

    UniquePrimer: designed to select
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  31. 3. install ruby 1.9.2 or later

    A. install rdoc for windows ruby 1.8.6 or later

    «Get rubydoc» from the rubydoc website. The latest releases are in «» but also just works ok from a Windows box.

    4. install RVM, install ruby 1.9.2

    Follow the steps
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  32. VTT / ENGLISH:
    Press alt and right for the next file

    Google Translator

    … All trademarks are property of their respective owners in the US and

    foreign countries.
    FileKiller for Windows 98/ ME/ NT/2000 SP4/XP/Vista SP1/SP2/2K/2K3/XP2k/3K Windows 7/8/8.1/10
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  33. It is quite light-weight to install and use, too.
    File Finders

    Related posts

    Post discussion

    I own this software and was impressed by the features it includes for a cost of nothing. It makes is simple and easy for newbies and advanced users to use. It works very well. If I ever did find my missing or deleted files, I would certainly give it my full recommendation.


    Bug/issue fix

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  34. The previously unavailable, custom-built EOS compact audio camera system combines support for HDR, GPS, motion detection and audio recording. Record four-channel stereo audio plus 720p high-definition video at 24, 25 or 30 frames per second with confidence. You can track up to 50 feet. Choose your preferred handling option: universal remote control, remote cable or remote-over-USB. Experience and share a catalog of simple control functions and an intuitive setup. Whether recording at home with your
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  35. Nonetheless, the application is easy to use and configurable, it offers a wealth of editing tools, and supports a ton of export options.
    • Free, highly customizable and extensible mind mapping program
    • A great starting point for creating custom mind maps
    • Offers powerful and useful editing features
    • Supports bookmarking, tagging, cross-document links, color, and font changes
    • Bookmarks, PDFs, searches and other functions
    • No website
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  36. Poor battery life is often a frustrating experience. After all, being out of battery life due to lack of power on the go is indeed troublesome. It is for this reason that users can check for a battery replacement for a successful solution.
    Consider taking your device to a professional for a replacement?
    Phone techs are professional individuals and therefore, they can repair a bad battery much better than individuals. They can replace the battery from your Apple or Samsung and therefore, it is only through such
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  37. However, many similar tools feature more streamlined software in the market. Now you need to make up your mind which one to use.
    Download Aneesoft Free MOV Video Converter —
    Watch MOV videos on your iPhone, iPad or iPod —
    Stream or download MOV video files from the Internet —
    Convert MOV videos to iOS compatible formats —
    Convert all MOV file types: WMV, ASF, RM, MOV, MPG, MPEG, AVI, RMVB, MP
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  38. Sketch-A-Note will help you on the go when you need to create a quick notes or shopping list.
    With the palm app, you can save drawings and take note with one tap on the screen. Actually you can create more than one note every time when you take a sketch with you. Drawing, writing and taking note is that easy!
    Sketch a grocery list when you are out and want to keep your values handy, sketch friend where you want to
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  39. Features

    Native code compatibility

    The JET runtime is fully compatible with native executables created with JET Optimizer 4.0.1; you can use both together.

    Code optimization and automatic memory management

    Converted programs are always native code. Unlike Java HotSpot Server VM, which only converts Java Bytecode, the JET runtime provides a full coverage of the Java SE API and a huge set of low-level Java routines. Thus, you can trust
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  40. See Adhan Alarm for Windows reviews on

    Download Adhan Alarm for Windows

    Adhan Alarm is a free software program developed by The main program functionality is to simplify recording and marking the religious and important times of the day. The software is easy to use and to install, and it requires no additional editing of your registry. A must have for every Muslim who prays. The main user interface is simple and modern, and
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  41. If you don’t want to use presets, you can create a new project, save it and continue working like before.
    If you have done that earlier, and want to open the project you had created and continue working on it, click the menu icon on the bottom right corner and you will be taken to the last modified page.
    You can then edit the same elements you were doing earlier, all while applying a single preset that’s specific to the type of design you
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  42. .
    Other Notes:
    ■ By default, this setting will be saved for all users, though a user can switch this setting at any time.
    ■ If the default setting is to display only the grayscale mode, a full and colorful animation will be displayed otherwise only the grayscale version will be displayed.
    ■ You may customize the display settings by right-clicking on the radar screen.
    ■ The system requirements are not very high
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  43. This tool is quite easy to get the hang of as long as you pay attention to all the instructions given on the screen. Those instructions are given in all languages, ranging from fairly basic stuff to more complex matters.
    The app is currently in beta version, which means that it has a lot of potential for further development and improvement, potentially even to the level where it could eventually become something essentially different altogether. The latter means that a great possible recipe for the future would be to recreate the
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  44. So you may run into some audio problems when working with Windows.

    At the beginning, this program is advertised to be able to convert various audio formats. So far so good, but as time went by this app is really disappointing. It lacks many basic features.
    First, it only supports very few formats, like MP3, PCM, and thus only the first four channels. There is no possibility to convert stereo to mono or vice versa.
    Second, it cannot convert in the way you would have expected. I was not able to transcode many formats, except MP3. The first thing it does is to trans
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  45. Memory Booster is a simple tool that quickly allocates a larger amount of memory available in computers. The program also presents you with a “Memory Boost” tab where you can enable the option to restore a portion of the total memory that was assigned to different programs, and that may have ended up being overwritten by new programs you run. You can also prioritize the programs that you wish to run and so prioritize your computer’s performance.
    As for the interface, it is
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  46. 10+ Apps for Mac and PC to Block Your Emails from Spam
    Reviewed by NewSToday
    Rating: 5Rep. Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez Alexandria Ocasio-CortezOn The Money: Anxious Democrats push for vote on COVID-19 aid | Pelosi, Mnuchin ready to restart talks | Weekly jobless claims increase | Senate treads close to shutdown deadline McCarthy says there will be a peaceful transition
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  47. Moreover, you can limit the monitor refresh rate in order to limit the lag in users’ apparatuses.
    Univers Tween Engine – the tool for real Java pros

    The developer says that besides the application, the engine could prove to be a valuable asset in any Java game development project. This goes to say that it is likely to have easy integration with every Java game engine, such as Unity3D.
    Developers specify that it works very fast in comparison to the ones
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  48. We have started a new section at Appu Market for Mobile Developers, starting with Theme Forest, one of the most popular theme stores for mobile applications. This is a place for developers to get themes, widgets, and other resources created by the Theme Developers community. Every theme set will include not only the code for

    How do I… tell you to use my precious and hard-earned feedback?
    In a word: freely. I have made every effort to provide complete, accurate descriptions
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  49. System administrators, webmasters and developers are certainly very satisfied with the software’s functionalities. Enterprise portals are a key part of a business’ strategy to help its employees and accomplish its day-to-day business operations. Intrexx Portal Manager makes the process of portal creation, portal management as well as the maintenance of each portal an effortless and fast task.

    … users have the possibility to develop apps without need to have extensive programming skills. Intrexx Portal Manager…
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