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    Torzilla Portable 1.5 (January, 2018)
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  5. There is some english user manual in the Options dialog.
    I’m looking forward to your comments, and if you have any general questions or ideas, feel free to contact me via:
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  7. The application also includes 3D graphics plugins such as AVIs, PPM files (PPMZ), DXFs, SWXs, WRL files (SWRLZ) or still-image formats, thus largely increasing its ability to address many scenarios.

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  12. This version is free open source. Unsubscribe link on the bottom right. Please, cc me if you find a bug or if you have a suggestion. I could use a little help with icon sizes. I will be uploading a new icon list version in the next few days

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    Better English
    Copyright © 2009-2017 David and Calvin

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  24. PE IP Settings Editor
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  28. It also includes a bunch of scriptlets for generating eclipse projects and other stuff too!

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  31. New Releases

    SampleGrabber 6.1.1
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  33. (However, I do like the idea of displaying embedded icons in the title bar that indicate what each tool does. That could have really helped me out when I accidentally installed both apps while hunting, knowing that I only needed the joiner and not the splitter. The tool kit is very similar to DSBCacheDB, so it would be cool if it could also include a list of available programs that would also be helpful.)


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